Celebrity News: Who Cares and Why Is this News

I used to be one of those people that would complain about celebrity news. This was especially true when it came to social media. I would use phrases like, “Who cares!” or “Why is this news?”. One day it finally occurred to me that my comments were only making the story more popular. People need to realize that newspapers and other related sources are posting stories about celebrities to get your attention. As far as I am concerned, the news media will continue to post such stories as long it grabs your attention and especially if  you are going to comment on it. So now I simply ignore news stories that do not interest me. Other wise I am giving the story the attention the media is seeking. Since I have taken this stance, I have found that I can now laugh when a celebrity does stupid. It really isn’t worth getting upset over. Especially when there are greater things in life to be upset about. Besides the news always has and always will cover various subjects. If you cannot ignore celebrity news headline, then you might want to consider starting your own company and only focus on the news that interests you.
That is all for now and always I thank you for visiting.


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