Reconsider Inconsideration

I am amazed how rude and inconsiderate some people are when I am out in the public. A number of years ago I personally experienced this when I fractured my femur (leg). Because of this I was forced to use crutches and or walker. I couldn’t tell you the number of people that would block the aisles in stores and never bothered to move their shopping carts when they saw me. It was something that angered me at the time. But today I would like to think that I would look at it from the perspective that you cannot change how people act. Nowadays I have taken notice of other inconsiderate things that some people seem to do at various places when I am out and about.

Fast Food Restaurants
1) People who do not clean up when they are finished eating their meal. It never ceases to amaze me at how often I see people get up from their tables and leave their trays and the rest of their mess behind. It is a fast food restaurant & not place where a waiter or waitress comes to take your order. Have some consideration for the staff and take an extra minute or two to clean up after yourself. Its not as if you are being asked to make the area you were eating cleaner than an operating room.
2) People that allow the children they are responsible to run around the building.Why risk their safety just so they can have fun? I don’t think its worth it.
3) People that place their children on top of the counter. Especially those that have children wearing diapers.

Drivers & Parking
1) Drivers that do not pull over to allow an ambulance or other emergency vehicles to pass. Those lights and sirens aren’t on for entertainment purposes.
2) Drivers that illegally park in handicapped parking spaces. Those spots are reserved for those that have the proper permit or plates. Just because you are not going to take long, does not give you the right to park illegally. If people are that lazy maybe they should hire someone to do their errands. I know their are people that complain about those that use these spots that don’t have  a visible disability. Guess what? Not all disabilities are visible. Some people have them for medical conditions.  Another thing, the access aisle is not a parking spot.
3) Drivers that park in front of parking spots. It is not fair to block an empty spot just because you are in a rush. The same holds true when you are blocking an occupied spot.
4)  Drivers that take up more than one parking spot. Just because you have what you consider to be a great car doesn’t give you the right to take up more than one spot.
5) Drivers that park in emergency lanes. What if the fire department came and needed access to the area you are parked in?
6) Drivers that park on sidewalks. This can be an extremely dangerous for pedestrians.
It forces them to walk into the street to get around and possibly risk being hit by an oncoming car.
7) People that park in no parking zones and at bus stops are another issue I see often see. In fact I was recently at my local shopping center having lunch and I saw some guy park in a no parking/standing zone just so he could get out and look at another car.
When he drove away I saw him throw his arms in the air. I then noticed that there was a car in front of him. I am guessing that the other car started pulling out as he was getting ready to pass. This guy probably believes that he doesn’t have to follow the rules and yet expects everyone else on the planet to follow them. 

The simple point here is that people need to stop and think before they act. Unfortunately I doubt that will ever happen.

As always I thank you for stopping by.


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