Bad Computer

As you may recall I recently purchased my first laptop computer. Today I thought I would restore my desktop computer to the original factory settings and let my mom have it.

So I put the first disc and things went perfectly. However I cannot say the same about the second disc. You might be wondering what happened and I can sum it up in four words. The CD-ROM became stuck. OK some might say that is five words. But who is counting? I tried the old paper clip trick and nothing happened. My mom suggested that I use the end of the measuring tape (pictured below. I thought there was no way that it could work. But it did. I removed the disc and intentionally left tray open. I put the power cord into the back of the computer and pressed the power button. To my surprise the tray went back in without issue and I started the restoration process all over again. Thankfully I did not encounter any issues with the CD-ROM. I am now awaiting for the computer to finalize the restoration and who knows how long that will take.



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